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  • Security

Video Surveillance
What you get from a DVR is what you expect out of it. Most of the DVRs available have limited functions and are reduced to a mere video recording apparatus. Such narrow functional scope conditions the users not to think beyond standard utilities and hence,misses out on other value additions that a DVR can deliver. Matrix SATATYA is a range of carefully engineered Video Surveillance solutions like Centralized Management Software(CMS), Web Client and Mobile Viewer that go beyond standard functions and deliver much more to enhance Security, Productivity and Discipline of an organization.

Conventional Fire Alarm Panel


The main objective of a Fire Alarm System is to detect hazardous scenarios that could damage life, property and resources such as a fire, an explosion, a chemical spill or radiation. It becomes a herculean task to identify and suppress a fire in real-time for any organization without a perpetual fire monitoring and detection system.

Matrix PROPAC Conventional Fire Alarm Panel (CFAP) is a powerful and proactive CFAP, intelligently designed to satisfy all the fire safety requirements for apartments, offices or industries. Its state-of-the-art technology ensures identification of the smallest smoldering event that makes it vital for providing real time response to prevent human and property loss.

  • Zones or IDC (Initiating Device Circuits): 2, 4 and 8
  • Support for 32 detectors per zone
  • Sounders or NAC (Notification Appliance Circuits): 2 and 4
  • Integration with third party devices using Fire & Fault Relay
  • Aux In for directly activating the NACs
  • Ethernet port for Easy Configuration and Events Download remotely
  • Support for 32 Mimic Panels on RS-485


Our Products

Places where our security products can be installed

  • Residential building, Schools and colleges
  • City Roads and Highways
  • Casinos, hotels and restaurants
  • Airports , Railway Stations and Bus stand
  • Shops & Multiplexes
  • Banks
  • Large Corporate Houses
  • Petrol bunks
  • And all other Residential and Commercial Places